PALM OIL FOR DEVELOPMENT? – A land-grabbing story from Uganda

This blog is so true! The UN is in bed with the IMF and World Bank and is just as corrupt. The UN makes all these policies, but they usually don’t help and the ones that would are not enforced at all because the UN literally just makes policies they in no way do anythnig else to inforce them besides sayng “Hey guys, you know that’s really not fair, you should think about changing.” At this point the world is too far gone for that, we don’t need politically biased mother figures giving you the shame finger, we need radical efforts for radical change. And we need people to actually start caring about things besides themselves and other people in the world.

In college I studied a lot about Africa and would end up in conversations with fellow students about it. The saddest thing was that almost no one I talked to had any idea that any of this was happening in Africa and even sader were the people who said “I don’t care, I am not there, I don’t see, it doesn’t effect me.” You are wrong. All the horrible things happening in Africa begins and ends with us (western powers, ie: the United States, Europe, the UN, the IMF and World Bank). It also effects us directly because these same people who have Africa caught up in neo-colonialism (otherwise known as economic colonialism) are also creating all the laws for us as well. Partially the reason why we have almost no efforts going towards changing enviomental policies here and access to affordable organic food.

The reason why it was even brought to congress that pizza could be considered a vegetable, how horrifying, pizza may have tomato paste, but it is not a vegetable. There is so much oil and cheese in pizza that would make it the worst vegetable for you (vegetables are not supposed to be bad for you). The definition of a vegetable is that it is the part of the plant that is not seed bearing (the fruits) ie: roots and leaves, since when does pizza come from a tree. Also, I know the Supreme court declared tomatos a vegetable, however they are naturally fruits all things with seeds are fruits, this shockingly includes pumpkin, peppers, avocado, and eggplant. So tomatos are not vegetables nor should tomato paste be considered one. Majority of tomato paste comes from cans, cans are horrible for food, for starters tin and aluminum are not good for you neither are chemicals that get added to food that has to be perserved almost indefinitley.

Got a little carried away, but focusing back on Africa, we are all experiencing hurt and poverty. So remember that you are not too far off from those in Africa you claim to be worlds apart from and before you say “Africa always been poor and corrupt what can we do” remember things have not always been this way, corruption partially stems from poverty and disparity and partially from popular models of corruption. The United States is the largest model for how other countries would like to set up their government (or in most cases how we would like them to set up their government or else), we are also one of the most corrupt in the world. What i have learned is that the government has done all it can to kill us all off, starting with Africa and ending with us citizens (99%), except for the rich (1%), the only people who can afford to be sustanable and healthy food.

Stay light, love all.

African Perspectives


We need to understand the realities of our new models of development, supported by the UN and The World Bank and driven by the corporations and billionaire philanthropists so far removed from the realities of life. This new model doesn’t seem to be working for the people that it’s supposed to help. The question remains whom this development is for then?

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JC Fridays!

See this and more at "Winter Wonderland"

Hey all,

JC Fridays is coming up this friday and there will be a ton of free art all over jersey city! I have two photos going in the “Winter Wonderland” show in the greenville section. There are also so many other cool events that you can check on this website !

Also coming up is Seussical Jr. at Art House Productions! I have been working on a lot of the costumes all weekend, it’s been fun. Come check out these cute kids on December 8, 10, and 11. arthouseproductions.org


Toy soilders awaken in the night

In my last semester at college we had about ten small toy soilders that guarded out plants in the windowsill. Every day these soilders were in different positions. Some of us began to wonder about their lives when we are not around while I began to document them. Now you all can make up your own story about them.


Art Exhibit: Haiti Kingdom of This World

I love Haitian art and I love Haiti! Art is a political medium that withstands the test of time. Keep creating and keep fighting. Kembe firme Ayiti!

Repeating Islands

Haiti Kingdom of this World will be in Miami from December 1 2011 to January 31st 2011. Exhibit curator Giscard Bouchotte describes the exhibit thus . . .

The exhibition, Haiti Kingdom of this World, arose from the need to draw up an inventory of the contemporary creativity in Haiti, and to show the work of artists who question daily the state of chaos reigning there. There are plastic artists, photographers, sculptors, painters, performers and video artists – all essential players of their time. The exhibition is conceived as a laboratory of which they are the guardians. The exhibition is mainly concerned with recent and new works commissioned for the artists specifically for this exhibition, which testify to their creative vitality. At the same time it challenges us to think about the difficulties these artists face in making their work known through travel and exchanges with the Caribbean and…

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Digable Arts Festival

Here are some photos of my work that showed in Digable Arts Festivcal in October.


Climate Change threatening our lives

No matter if you are democrat or republican, everyone needs to put their differences aside so we can start changing this world for the better. One great start would be with the way we use and abuse energy and our planet. Another good start would be if we all started to treat people with respect and understanding. You are not the only person in the world, start acting like it.

Climate Change threatening our lives.

I would be careful reading more posts by “zimdev” outside of this one. This blogger blogs much on Africa however has very limited knowledge outside of Zimbabwe and Ancient Egypt and basically writes with blinders on. They keep going back to Africa being “cursed”, the only curse Africa is dealing with is that of the West and all we do to keep the poor poor.