Art Exhibit: Haiti Kingdom of This World

I love Haitian art and I love Haiti! Art is a political medium that withstands the test of time. Keep creating and keep fighting. Kembe firme Ayiti!

Repeating Islands

Haiti Kingdom of this World will be in Miami from December 1 2011 to January 31st 2011. Exhibit curator Giscard Bouchotte describes the exhibit thus . . .

The exhibition, Haiti Kingdom of this World, arose from the need to draw up an inventory of the contemporary creativity in Haiti, and to show the work of artists who question daily the state of chaos reigning there. There are plastic artists, photographers, sculptors, painters, performers and video artists – all essential players of their time. The exhibition is conceived as a laboratory of which they are the guardians. The exhibition is mainly concerned with recent and new works commissioned for the artists specifically for this exhibition, which testify to their creative vitality. At the same time it challenges us to think about the difficulties these artists face in making their work known through travel and exchanges with the Caribbean and…

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