DIY Flowers

Hey all, this morning I have been making these little fabric flowers, learned by this awesome blogger Stylifiq. These little accents can be sewn onto anythnig such as a pocket, a tie, a headband. You can sew a saftey pin on the back and you got a cute little pin. They make great gifts and can be all differentr colors and patterns. The best fabric to use is one that is a littel more stiff, the first one I made was too loose and all over the place. Here is the link to learn to make your own.


Dominican Republic’s Agriculture Ministry Bans Five Pesticides

Yes taking steps! I heard that the Caribbean isgonna be having talks about climate change and the way we handle our food sinc after all they are greatly affected by these things. Well in reality we are all very affected, it’s harder to realize what you are doing to the earth when you are so very disconnected from it. I think that’s why the Caribbean understands, but America doesn’t.

Repeating Islands

It’s a good start. Although the move seems more motivated by concerns over exports rather than over the local population’s well-being, the Dominican Republic has banned a series of pesticides currently being used in the country’s agricultural production. For years, experts in the Caribbean have been expressing concern about soaring cancer, infertility rates, and other ills connected to the use of certain pesticides.More of our island countries should follow suit (although some are already at the cutting edge of “greener” agricultural practices). Here is the full article with a link to the original below:

The Agriculture Ministry announced Tuesday a ban on the sale of five pesticides and restricted the use of 22 products applied on crops, via resolution 61-2011. Agriculture minister Salvador Jimenez said the measure seeks to control and improve the use of pesticides on fruits and vegetable, to comply with global standards of quality.

The measure…

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Advantages of Being a Woman Artist

This is something I have always found to be funny, mostly because I am a woman artist! These things will always be true if there in the way we view men and women. Men will always have an easier time. How come everyone except Georgia O’Keffe felt her flowers were vaginas? Because she was a woman, if a man made these paintings that response would have been much lower on the list of what you think this means.


Gender and HIV in the Caribbean

Such an intersting and important topic. Interested to read more.

Repeating Islands

The Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), and the gender dimension of the HIV pandemic in the Caribbean, took centre stage at a two-day workshop hosted by the Bureau of Women’s Affairs and UNDP at the Knutsford Court hotel last week.

The women and few men in the room all had one thing in common – they were actively involved in the fight against the disease, and women’s rights.

Programme director of the Caribbean office of the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality, Roberta Clarke, noted that, “Gender equality is key in the HIV pandemic.”

She noted that 50 per cent of all persons globally who are infected with the disease are women, though the consequences are different for each gender. The disclosure was made at the start of the first panel discussion of the day, which focused on understanding the unequal relations as a driver of…

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Aaliyah: One in a Million

It just occured to me, this past August was the ten year anniversary of Aaliyah’s death. Can any believe it has been that long, I guess I was about 11 or 12 when it happened. This upcoming January would have been her 33rd birthday. Happy birthday ma! Such amazing music and moves cut down in her prime. Imagine all the great songs we have missed out on these past ten years. Love this girl!


Gambia Fashion Night 2011

Get it Gambia!

Africa Fashion Guide

Our recent trip to The Gambia highlighted a few fashion shows that take place in this often unrecognised West African country. This includes the recent West Africa Fashion Week due to take place again in The Gambia in 2012. This Saturday, 17th December 2011 at the Sheraton Hotel & Spa in Brufut, The Gambia will hold the highly-anticipated event ‘Gambia Fashion Night’.
It  will bring together international designers and entertainers from all over the world to gain media coverage for the country and availed Gambians the opportunity to be exposed to the world of fashion, and bring the best quality event to West Africa.
International televisions such as DST TV, DW TV in Germany, NTA in Nigeria and TV Africa from Ghana, in UK and the host TV GRTS will all be featuring The Gambia Fashion Night. The whole aim of the event is three-fold:
  • to promote Gambia as…

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Helen Zille’s ‘AIDS Gestapo’

AIDS needs to be delt with, the state should ay for treatment or at least severly cut the price so people can get it. Denial helps no one, but what does help is education, money, medicine, and not criminalizing people for something they maybe even tried to prevent and still got. I find that the government is more willing to pass laws that will kill us faster as long as it somehow means more money for them.

Africa is a Country (Old Site)

Just as South Africa is recovering from the havoc wrought by former President Thabo Mbeki’s AIDS denialism, now there’s a new politician spouting all sorts of nonsense – this time it’s Helen Zille, the leader of the opposition Democratic Alliance. She’s been active on Twitter and in the media, calling for the criminalization of HIV transmission, and saying the state should not have to pay for treatment for those who contracted HIV through irresponsible behavior. She also recently held a lottery, where people who volunteered to get tested for HIV could win a large cash prize.

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