The Three Erzulies / Ezilis yo Twa


Repeating Islands

Among the many fascinating projects taking place at the 2nd Ghetto Biennale 2011 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti [see previous post Haiti’s 2011 Ghetto Biennale and Atis-Rezistans], this project caught my eye: “The Three Erzulies / Ezilis yo Twa.” As attribute to female community ancestors, “The Three Erzulies / Ezilis yo Twa” is a collaboration between a Canadian and two Haitian women artists (from Ti Moun Rezistans) to honor three neighborhood heroines of Grand Rue. Karen Miranda Augustine describes:

Real heroes are usually special, but regular, everyday people of remarkable character. They don’t win awards, are not usually considered newsworthy and are rarely given thanks on a regular basis. Yet, they often live their lives in service, impacting many in their communities with their talents, generosity and support, often sacrificing themselves for others with little fanfare or recognition. And when they have transitioned from this life, what we are left…

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