Film: Exploring Biodiversity of Haiti’s Grande Colline

About 60 percent of Haiti’s forests are gone. Haiti was at one point about 90 percent forest. This is part of the reason why when it rains it floods. No trees to soak up that water.

Repeating Islands

Green Antilles posted a fascinating video from the Terra Incognita series that examines remote, poorly known, and largely unexplored regions of Haiti, where almost no forests are left. In this first installment, a large and virtually unknown mountain range, the Chaîne de la Grande Colline, is revealed. The mountain is located near Port-à-Piment, on the Tiburon Peninsula in Haiti. It ranks as the 10th highest mountain in the country. A team made up of biologists, photographers, a filmmaker and a journalist explore the biodiversity of the Grande Colline in a helicopter expedition.

The viewer follows the team as it explores very rare frogs and anoles. Although the focus of the documentary is on the ravages of deforestation, it leaves us with a degree of hope that, with concerted energy dedicated to protection, Haiti’s remaining cloud forests and the species that inhabit them will be able to survive.

This and other…

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