Blessed Are The Meek: A New Movie

Last night I went to the Blessed benefit and screening party for this new documentary about life in Haiti since the earthquake. I would really like to see this movie as only the trailer was screened at the party. Am I glad I won tickets! The event was great with all sorts of amazing people. There was beautiful paintings by artist Hertz Nazaire and music by Nathalie Cerin. An open bar with Rhum Barbancourt (amazing rum from Haiti) and a three course meal for those who had tickets for that. Caribbean inspired hors d’oeuvres for everyone, one being the most amazing banana soup in existance. There were really nice raffle prizes, if only my boyfriend had gotten out his raffle ticket when they called numbers we would have won something awesome. Featured in the movie is Diaspora Community Services who are located in Brooklyn and help earthquake victims that come over to New York. They also have a center in Port-au-Prince that works with women and health. I got to meet one of the people who works for DCS who is going to Haiti for her first time in the spring. It was an amazing night!

“Blessed are the Meek”
A Jaffa Films documentary film project
Director/Producer: Barnard Jaffier


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