Gambia Fashion Night 2011

Get it Gambia!

Africa Fashion Guide

Our recent trip to The Gambia highlighted a few fashion shows that take place in this often unrecognised West African country. This includes the recent West Africa Fashion Week due to take place again in The Gambia in 2012. This Saturday, 17th December 2011 at the Sheraton Hotel & Spa in Brufut, The Gambia will hold the highly-anticipated event ‘Gambia Fashion Night’.
It  will bring together international designers and entertainers from all over the world to gain media coverage for the country and availed Gambians the opportunity to be exposed to the world of fashion, and bring the best quality event to West Africa.
International televisions such as DST TV, DW TV in Germany, NTA in Nigeria and TV Africa from Ghana, in UK and the host TV GRTS will all be featuring The Gambia Fashion Night. The whole aim of the event is three-fold:
  • to promote Gambia as…

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