Helen Zille’s ‘AIDS Gestapo’

AIDS needs to be delt with, the state should ay for treatment or at least severly cut the price so people can get it. Denial helps no one, but what does help is education, money, medicine, and not criminalizing people for something they maybe even tried to prevent and still got. I find that the government is more willing to pass laws that will kill us faster as long as it somehow means more money for them.

Africa is a Country (Old Site)

Just as South Africa is recovering from the havoc wrought by former President Thabo Mbeki’s AIDS denialism, now there’s a new politician spouting all sorts of nonsense – this time it’s Helen Zille, the leader of the opposition Democratic Alliance. She’s been active on Twitter and in the media, calling for the criminalization of HIV transmission, and saying the state should not have to pay for treatment for those who contracted HIV through irresponsible behavior. She also recently held a lottery, where people who volunteered to get tested for HIV could win a large cash prize.

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