Dominican Republic’s Agriculture Ministry Bans Five Pesticides

Yes taking steps! I heard that the Caribbean isgonna be having talks about climate change and the way we handle our food sinc after all they are greatly affected by these things. Well in reality we are all very affected, it’s harder to realize what you are doing to the earth when you are so very disconnected from it. I think that’s why the Caribbean understands, but America doesn’t.

Repeating Islands

It’s a good start. Although the move seems more motivated by concerns over exports rather than over the local population’s well-being, the Dominican Republic has banned a series of pesticides currently being used in the country’s agricultural production. For years, experts in the Caribbean have been expressing concern about soaring cancer, infertility rates, and other ills connected to the use of certain pesticides.More of our island countries should follow suit (although some are already at the cutting edge of “greener” agricultural practices). Here is the full article with a link to the original below:

The Agriculture Ministry announced Tuesday a ban on the sale of five pesticides and restricted the use of 22 products applied on crops, via resolution 61-2011. Agriculture minister Salvador Jimenez said the measure seeks to control and improve the use of pesticides on fruits and vegetable, to comply with global standards of quality.

The measure…

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