Atlanta Housewives in Africa

I love the people who write for this blog. Always on point. I really can’t stand these “reality” shows that take the dumbest people from around America and then give them a million dollars and video tape it. Is the only thing you can really think aobut when seeing a statute in chains representing a slave in America is “oh how sexy are those pecks.”

I agree with the last statement, so sorry South Africa as if you don’t deal with enough on the regular. These ladies probably don’t even realize you are your own country not just the southern region of Africa.

Africa is a Country (Old Site)

It’s too bad that America sees Atlanta, black women, and maybe even women in general through the lens of The ‘Real Housewives’ franchise. When the first episodes of Atlanta aired, my upstate New York hairstylist gasped and gawped about the wealth and glam. To paraphrase her: Oh, the hair! the really short dresses! (and the token white girl!) I had to reply, with that special brand of irony that educators cultivate: “Lovey, I think you’ve probably never seen rich black women before.” So I did my part to defend the Atlanta women.

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