When Death Wears Sunglasses: The Positive Aspect of Death in Haiti

Interesting article. I really like that this kind of Vodou positive article was actually in the Huffington Post. That really amazes me becuase after studying this religion for the past two years, I find that positive non-ingnorant articles are hard to come by unless you know the right authors. She also mentions one of my fav books that helped me SO much with my senior project (The Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou by Donald Cosentino). It’s a very basic and simplified view of the whole religion and of the Gede family, but still none-the-less is a wonderfully positive article. I really like the heading and picture as well. Very similar to my last blog after I came back from visiting Little Haiti in Miami.

Repeating Islands

This article about death and Haitian Vodou by Carine Fabius appeared in The Huffington Post. Follow the link below for the original report.

What if Death had style? What if Death wore black sunglasses, liked to dance, smoke cigars and drink rum? What if he loved to indulge in bawdy sexual references (yes, in this case, Death is a he); and what if his presence made people want to party ’til the sun rose up in the sky? I reckon you’d invite him into your life too.

Non-Haitians and some Haitians hear the word Vodou — or voodoo, in Hollywood parlance — and shiver with fear and worry and pity and condescension. Ignorance can really make a person feel bad. So, let me do a quick rundown on Vodou, this way everyone can hurry up and get back to feeling good.
Like Judaism, Vodou is a religion and a…

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