Agreed. You want MIA you get MIA, she doesn’t tone down for nobody. Never stop being her true self. Love it.

Gathering Moss while Wandering

(for some reason, the video won’t load properly. If you click on the bottom right corner, it will launch in full screen mode)

Seems like a fitting time to post the new MIA video for Bad Girls after the network’s profuse apologies for her brief, offensive gesture at the Super Bowl, which I, as well as many others, missed altogether.

The BBC had an article today on the origins of the middle finger gesture. I do love this type of background information so eagerly read it. The middle finger was first used in 4th century Athens by Diogenes, while telling a group of people exactly what he thought of Demosthenes.

He extends his middle finger and declares: “This is the great demagogue”.

The Romans referred to the middle finger gesture as digitus impudicus – the indecent or offensive finger. According to anthropologist Desmond Morris, it is one of…

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