What’s wrong with abortion?

People make it sound like Planned Parenthood only gives abortions. The funding Planned Parenthood uses towards abortions is only 3 percent of all their funding. 3 percent out of 100 percent. So many people fail to realize (maybe nbecause they have never been to one) that it also treats women for almost all other women related health problems. Screening for cervical and breast cancer, std testing, and I think even prenatal care.

There is no reason why women should be attacked this hard for wanting to have an abortion. Some say it’s a gift from god and you MUST not kill it, but not everyone believes in god so that’s really not fair for them. I was driving through Florida right after the new year this year and saw about fifty billboards that lies by saying you baby has a heartbeat 18 days after conception, that is in no way true, and has only come about because Ohio lawmakers wanted to make a new anti-abortiona law that would make it impossible for a women to get an abortion basically once she realised she has missed her period and may be pregnant. SO that by the time you even find out you are pregnant it’s already tool ate to consider getting an abortion because your baby has a “heartbeat” when scientifically (even though it can vary from person to person) generally there is not heartbeat earliest is about 4 weeks latest about 5-9 weeks. That’s still not anything like 2 and a half weeks. Even still its way after the heartbeat begins that it can even pump and live on it’s own and is completly dependent on the mother for a month or more.

My last gripe with anti-abortion laws are that so many children are born in to unwanted homes. I know everyones first solution to that ADOPTION! However we have way too many kids in orphanages that are never getting adopted and they will be forced out onto the streets when they turn 18 and are no longer allowed to be care for by fosters or orphanages. Adoption really only works if you are a toddler and super cute otherwise no one wants you. How does that make these kids feel. I am not saying all these kids should have just been aborted, but if their mother wanted to get one because she knew she was either on drugs, or had no money, or was a child herself both parties would have probably been better off.

Women don’t enjoy having abortions anymore than they enjoy giving their children up for adoption. This isn’t something that is goingto make millions of women happy or go out and start getting abortions for the hell of it. It is something that so many women live with for the rest of their lives sometimes wondering if it was the right decision. But that is up to the women and not a male lawmaker who can never understand this situation at all.

So, yes, I agree there is a war on women’s healthcare.

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