Obeah Opera: Witchcraft opera wields frightening power

I would love to see this.

Repeating Islands

Trish Crawford reviews a new opera for Toronto.com.
Obeah is an ancient witchcraft practised in the Caribbean, which has the power to frighten even today.

When director ahdri zhina mandiela handed out promotional flyers for Obeah Opera on the streets of Toronto, there were people who shrank back in fear and refused to take the material.

“The content, the subject, is still taboo,” she says. “For centuries it has been, ‘don’t talk about it.’ Some people will be afraid to come.”

The fear is rooted in history — a history exposed by Obeah Opera, which is about black slaves being caught up in the Salem witch trials due to their association with the practice of Obeah.

Mandiela praised creator Nicole Brook for challenging audiences — and the other actors and theatre staff — saying the subject matter involved people looking into their past “and their baggage.”

Multi-tasker Brook wrote the…

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