On eve of carnival, political crisis looms in Haiti

I feel revolution in the air. It’s been the year for getting up in arms about your government and the treatment of the people. Even though Martelly hasnt done anything like past presidents in Haiti, but there have been nbo changes in the post-earthquake situation since he has been president and there should be.

Repeating Islands

As Haiti’s carnival drums prepare to kick off in this weekend’s pre-Lenten celebrations, a different kind of rumbling has attracted the attention of the international community, Jacqueline Charles writes in The Bellingham Herald.

So concerned are Haiti’s foreign friends about looming political tensions that the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, ended a four-day visit to the earthquake-ravaged nation by calling on its political leaders to stop the fighting.

“Haiti’s executive and legislative branches,” Rice said, “need to rise above their interests and work together in the spirit of compromise to overcome their common challenges.”

Rice led a 15-member delegation of the U.N. Security Council on a visit to Haiti this week. They left on Thursday after field trips to the police academy, a tent city, cholera treatment facility and new industrial park in the north. They also met with President Michel Martelly, Prime Minister Garry Conille…

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