Minimalist Childrens’ Book Posters

I love these.

Gathering Moss while Wandering

I love childrens’ book, particularly ones with great illustration. These posters, which re-imagine classic stories, are striking in their simplicity. They were designed by Christian Jackson of Square Inch Design.

I’ve always thought the moon at a certain time in its cycle, looks like the smile of the cheshire cat.

The designer describes himself:

I enjoy spending long hours staring at typefaces. I dream about kerning, leading and attractive counter spaces. I also like less nerdy stuff like, existentialism, meta and quantum physics, the concept of consciousness, infinity, the color #00ffff and a comfortable arm chair with good ass bologna (where your ass sits below you knees). Yes, these are all things that are good. Mmmmm…

His accumulation of “less nerdy stuff” is humorous.

– via Brain Pickings

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