Cookbooks: A Caribbean state of mind

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Repeating Islands

“Tastes Like Home” offers taste, memories of Guyana and the islands, as  Catherine Dehdashti writes in this review for The Star Tribune.

I’ve enjoyed countless Caribbean dishes at dinner parties without ever lifting a single Scotch bonnet pepper. My friend Pauline does it so well, why should I bother?

At least that’s how I felt before I discovered “Tastes Like Home: My Caribbean Cookbook” (Ian Randle Publishers, 335 pages, $34.95), by Cynthia Nelson.

The diverse Caribbean style of cooking was formed from the melding of cultures: African, Indian, European, Chinese and indigenous cuisines in the Caribbean islands and the coastal South American nation of Guyana.

“Our foreparents who came to these shores, whether as masters, servants or slaves, brought with them their food cultures,” writes Nelson, a journalist from Guyana who now lives in Barbados.

One hundred straightforward recipes with photos provide a well-rounded taste of this culinary history…

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