Cuban art: banged up abroad

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Repeating Islands

Two Cubans are exhibiting their art in Britain – despite being imprisoned in the US – in a groundbreaking new show, as Duncan Campbell reports in London’s Guardian.

Two of the artists featured in a new exhibition will definitely not be present on the opening night. Instead of mingling with fellow artists in London’s West End, they will each be spending the time in a high-security cell in a penitentiary in the US.

The pair, Antonio Guerrero and Gerardo Hernández, are members of the so-called Miami Five, who were jailed in the US in 2001 at the conclusion of a controversial trial. The five were Cubans who had infiltrated militant anti-Castro exile groups in Florida that were suspected of carrying out sabotage attacks aimed at destabilising Cuba.

The men were sentenced in Miami to terms varying from 15 years to “double life” on the grounds that they were acting…

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