On 20/4/12, are you with or against Kony2012’s Invisible Children?

Definatley against IC’s actions. What kony is doing is wrong, but IC is wrong too.

Rising Continent

On this day, after the phenomenal online launch of Kony2012, the American charity Invisible Children holds a global ‘Cover the Night’ as a next step to its militarist humanitarianism in Africa.

If you are supportive of the charity’s work, it is your right. But you should know that your support for Invisible Children is unfortunately detrimental to African lives.

There are strong reasons to categorically oppose their work. As a consequence, in March this year, just after Kony 2012 video got out, a petition was prepared and signatures are being collected to demand a ban for their organisation on the continent.

In case you agree with the highlighted motives of having Invisible Children banned from Africa, please put down your name on the petition and circulate it among your contacts.

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