‘Painting Is My Gift’

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Repeating Islands

SELF-TAUGHT artist Jerome Taylor has a knack for capturing the Jamaican countryside on canvas – and it is paying off for the St Ann-born artist, as Carl Gilchrist reports in Jamaica’s Gleaner.

After more than a decade making a living from painting, the artist is now celebrating his works being displayed in the Serengeti Gallery in Washington.

“I’ve been an artist from I was a little boy,” explained Taylor. “Normally, as a little boy, you would have your pencil and you would do your little sketches. This is around 10 or 12 years old. When I reached about 15, I started to use colours. I started with crayons, then moved into water colours. Then I moved up to acrylic around age 18, 19, and started to learn more about art. It was at that age I realised I have the gift and decided to take it seriously.

“I get…

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