New Book: Derek Walcott’s “Moon-Child: A Play”

Would love to read this.

Repeating Islands

The Nobel-winning poet and playwright Derek Walcott returns to the island of St. Lucia for a lush and vivid tale of spirituality and the supernatural. In MOON-CHILD, the crafty Planter (who may or may not be the Devil in disguise) schemes to take over the island for development. Between him and his goal lies the Bouton family, whose ailing matriarch strikes a bargain: if either of her three sons can get the Devil to feel anger and human weakness, they will win the right to the rest of their days in wealth and peace. In a fable that spans from St. Lucia’s verdant forests to an explosive ending amid its plantation homes, Walcott has crafted a masterwork rich in flowing language and colorful creole patois. With roots in Caribbean folklore and an eye toward postcolonial legacy and complex racial identities, MOON-CHILD marks a remarkable new addition to the canon of…

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