‘Baudelaire in a Box’

Repeating Islands

Dave Buchen unfurls a roll of newsprint containing the words “Le Mort Joyeux” (“The Happy Dead”), “L’Albatross” (“the Albatross”), the names of poems by 19th century French poet Charles Baudelaire. For each poem, Buchen has drawn illustrations suggested by the images in the poem, as Cliff Bellamy reports in this article for the Herald Sun.
On a recent afternoon, Buchen also is preparing to build a stage set on which he will mount several scrolls that he will crank during a performance of the poems. Buchen will operate these “crankies” as local musiciancantastorias New Town Drunks, Curtis Eller, Jkutchma and Dexter Romweber sing original songs they have written to Baudelaire’s poetry.
This collaboration will be the fifth installment of “Baudelaire in a Box,” which Buchen will perform with the musicians today at the ArtsCenter in Carrboro and Saturday at The Pinhook in Durham. Other performances have occurred in Chicago…

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