Grenada’s Soca Monarch Lavaman Raises Funds for Students

Repeating Islands

Grenada’s 2012 Soca Monarch, Lavaman (Marcus James), has said that he is planning a post-carnival celebratory event that will emphasize assisting children with pencils, bags and other school supplies.

The soca artiste, who hosted the first-ever “Uncle Lava Daycare Fun Day” for kids on July 28 in Tanteen, St George’s, says it’s a satisfying experience helping children and making them happy. Lavaman won the Soca Monarch title with “Psycho,” which also was a close contender for Road March. He leaves this month to perform overseas. He hopes that in September, he’ll be able to have two post-carnival celebratory events – one in St George’s and the other in St Andrew – where children will be provided will school supplies’ donations.

The 2012 carnival was another successful season for Lavaman, who built on his 2011 Road March victory with the song, “So We Dey”. In the aftermath of the 2011 Spicemas…

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