Repeating Islands

As a follow-up to my co-blogger’s previous post Zombies: Yes, they’re fun pop fodder, but their history is steeped in slavery, here is related article by Amy Wilentz [many thanks to Victoria G. Brown for bringing this item to our attention], “A Zombie is a Slave Forever” (The New York Times, 30 October 2012). Here are excerpts with a link to the original article below:

Most people think of them as the walking dead, a being without a soul or someone with no free will. This is true. But the zombie is not an alien enemy who’s been CGI-ed by Hollywood. He is a New World phenomenon that arose from the mixture of old African religious beliefs and the pain of slavery, especially the notoriously merciless and coldblooded slavery of French-run, pre-independence Haiti. In Africa, a dying person’s soul might be stolen and stoppered up in a…

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