About Jesika

A young artist recently graduated from SUNY Purchase College in photography and art history. Interested in finding new and experimental ways of expressing feelings and thoughts that can be political or not. Has a love for many cultures, but focuses mainly on Africa and the diaspora, but also loves many other cultures, art forms, and lifestyles. My senior project, which won the Diaspora Studies award, focused on the art and religion of West Africa, mainly Benin, survived through the middle passage. Even though Western forces did almost eveything in their power to make these Africans forget their traditions and take up Western ones, their culture survived and is very strong in the Caribbean and parts of the U.S. My project also goes on to compare how different styles of art making/worship changed in the new locations, mainly focusing on Haiti.

Photography has always been a  medium that I am drawn to. With my camera, I can capture instances of time and space, and choose my content by editing out, not piecing together. I do not find any medium mutually exclusive to one another; that is why I also work in painting, sculpture and performance. My muse is the everyday world caught off-guard by moments of excitement, stillness, and difference.

I am very involved in different types of art including sound, video, painting, sculpture, and collage. I try to submit art to as many local exhibitions as I can because staying involved with as many different places is one of the keys to getting your art out there.


6 thoughts on “About Jesika

  1. Jesika
    Thanks again for your comment on my blog.
    Since you are in the media business and in love with Africa and cultures, I would like to suggest to you to make or help in making a drama movie or documentary based on the story of the Ethiopian teacher and the plights of African refugees with emphasis on the Western mining and cocoa industry in Africa.
    I trust that you can make a good humanitarian project and serve millions in desperate need for light in their hearts and minds.
    Please remain in touch and you are welcome to use the contact form in my blog.
    Best wishes.

    • You have wonderful ideas. Thanks for the comments. There are a few filmmakers, some African and some just make movies about Africa, that you can try to contact about making this movie: Megan Mylan, Haile Gerima, Sarah Gubara, and Nick and Marc Francis. I think it is important for people to realize that immagrating to Europe or America isn’t as easy or wonderful as they make it seem and that the jobs here that are available for refugees are not good jobs. They pay very little and work in bad conditions and do not make enough money to live. Africa is rich in a lot of things and has to come together to get the West out.

      • Thanks Jesika for the names. I shall try to contact them.
        Meanwhile, plz tell the world.
        I am sure a film like about the politics of chocolate or coffee industry will be devastating and might change many things.

  2. There are a lot of African stories that are ignored just because they don’t serve the mainstream globalist Western media.
    I believe that the story of Abdirizak is genuine and very helpful great topic.
    It must be turned into an African movie or documentary for everybody to learn and stop dreaming of the West and look for other real solutions for Africa.
    I wish I can make this guy a hero, a model, and a celebrity.
    Please if you can help Abdirizak to become famous and successful. I will try hard to convince anybody in African film industry to turn his story to a movie or a documentary with emphasis on the looting African natural and human resources.
    Try to contact Abdirizak or find his contact address for me; and make interviews with him and collect more information and resources. I am sure this a good helpful opportunity to make fame and success.

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