Update: More Art Festivals!

Digable Arts Festival went great showed a lot of photography and painting and of course ‘Rooster Don’t Lay Eggs’. Next showing will be a photo of the Brennan Courthouse that got accepted in the Catherdral Arts Festival. A wonderful festival with many of the best local Jersey City artists. The show opens November 12th with a champagne gala that is $40. The show is open until December 2nd and is free everyday after the 12th. So if you cannot make it to the gala due to any reason be it money or date then make sure to check it out any day until the 2nd, it should be a wonderful show!


Grace Van Vorst Church

39 Erie St.

Jersey City, NJ

Champagne Gala

November 12th

$40  7:30-12


November 13 – December 2



Until next time and keep on creating! ❤